Book Search


The objective is to develop an online book store which allows people to search and purchase reading content easily.

The requirements included a user friendly interface, banner & logo design, complete content management system, a payment gateway, registration / login module.



Though a relatively straight-forward project, we had to execute the project in a short duration with high expectations in work quality and delivery. We also had to enable Google analytics integration for the website’s search engine optimization (SEO) in an efficient manner.

We had to work on searching book using different parameters and minimal execution time out of million of book records with asynchronous loading.



The project was deployed in a single-phase by using our standard SDLC process, while parallel-pathing on design, development and QA on several occasions to expedite the completion of the project.

Implemented asynchronous methodology to load book records this provides fast user experience.


The website went on-line within weeks of inception.
The website has received great feedback from the American reading community