Digital Marketing has come to the forefront of marketing road-maps for many companies, and is increasingly becoming critical in this hyper-competitive business environment.

As prospects become every-more demanding and elusive, marketers have to employ all the data they have to create unified, targeted impressions with highly relevant messages and offers.

Our internal and extended digital marketing team supports such initiatives by providing a comprehensive suite of services ranging from campaign design, creatives, social media planning to analytics and reporting.


Insights & Optimization

Our team provides reporting systems that combines data from different marketing efforts in real time – delivering a unified view of multi-channel campaigns as they unfold

Email Marketing

We can help clients in managing their email marketing campaigns. From innovative contact strategies to dynamic, personalized messaging, our team ensures that clients gain the greatest value from every email campaign.


Our team provides an end-to-end search marketing and optimization solution that not only delivers qualified prospects to client sites but integrates all Mobile and Web-driven leads

Social Media Analysis

We can build a customized social media analysis platform that lets marketers listen to what consumers are saying about them and their products. The resulting insight helps one engage with consumers more effectively


Our internal and extended team has completed several digital marketing projects, including:

  • Search Engine Optimization: detailed analysis and optimization for a major health and cosmetic brand in US
  • Digital marketing - launch campaign for one of world's top software company, including development of launch content, graphics and animations for training of distributors, blog entries and social media posts
  • Social Media campaigns and content for a major tech event in Delhi, including creating and publishing content on various social media
  • Marketing collateral for Save | Innovate | Grow campaign, which included E-mailers, Discussion guides, Whitepaper, Brochure etc.
  • Creating marketing plans for t-90, t-60, t-30 and t+30 for a specific event that included the messages, medium and artifacts to be used for the campaigns
  • Support for TechEd Europe event for a client by building a Like Gate on Facebook and engaging target audience
  • Animated web banners and interactive advertisements of different sizes to help drive campaigns to different campaigns.
  • Sentiment analysis for an apparel company based on Tweets on their products