Indian economy is on a roll, with growth rates expected to increase, entrepreneurship at an all-time high, and Investment Funds aggressively chasing good stories. This is perhaps one of the best times to plan expansion and change the trajectory of growth.

However, changing pace is not easy, and companies that want to grow rapidly require tremendous inputs in Strategic planning, creating road-maps, building capabilities, tech-enabling the organization, optimizing product mix and securing investments.


Our seasoned consulting team provides a wide range of business consulting to its clients including

  • Strategic planning
  • Growth road-map development
  • Team capability building
  • Strategic partnerships & International tie-ups
  • Fund-raising
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Tech Strategy

Our consulting team consists of both - operational and consulting skills. This ensures our research is exhaustive, insights meaningful while recommendations are steeped in what is practically possible. We also hand-hold our clients through implementation, ensuring that consulting work translates into results on the ground.


We have helped several companies in figuring out their business and growth strategy. Examples includes:

  • Overseas acquisition for an Indian manufacturing company
  • Expansion strategy for a digital solutions / mobile app development firm
  • Mentoring of several start-ups across all major functions and decision areas
  • Business case for a new diversification by a well-established conglomerate