We offer end-to-end Recruitment services for progressive organizations that are growing fast and value timely delivery.We have specific team-members specializing in recruitment for different domains and seniority levels

Entry-level Hiring:

Our team of campus specialists works closely with a large number of colleges across Central India, to manage complete fresher-hiring requirements. We conduct assessment tests, preliminary interviews and provide companies with curated lists saving valuable time of HR in finding the right candidates

Middle-level Hiring:

Hiring managers pose their own challenges - from gauging their attitude and cultural-fitment, to figuring out their family constraints and mobility, our team works closely to help find the right managers and experienced professionals for clients.

Leadership Hiring:

Our executive search services help companies identify and engage the right type of professionals to lead their divisions and organizations. This is a deep-engagement model where we work closely with the Directors / Founders of companies to understand their strategic priorities and help bring the right person on-board.


Startups often have some unique challenges: setting up a star-team with limited budget, lack of visibility in the industry, unwillingness of many potential candidates to take 'risk' etc.

Having worked with scores of startups across India, our team is uniquely experienced to work with startups in helping them build their teams.

We also help find the right type of co-founders and leaders. And yes, to stay true to the spirit of start-ups, we can accommodate getting paid in kind.


The new digital paradigm has put tremendous pressure on established organizations to continuously train and retrain their team-members. We offer extensive training models, complete with high-quality content and trainers, customized for each client requirement.