The whole idea of the application was to make pictures clicked by one’s phone more exciting.

Dynamic captioning on live camera screen while the face detection occurs was the most important requirement.

The captions would be generated from a default or a custom list, randomly.

Apart from using the live camera, generating captions on saved/clicked pictures in the library was also required.



Dynamic captioning with face detection is a complex feature

Execution on the device requires tremendous research and testing to arrive at the right way of designing the application



iLEAD started working on this and made parallel streams for development and design tasks. While the design team was busy creating a simple and elegant interface, the development team worked on using the Netflix API for Movie fetch, streaming and search mechanisms.

Complex nature of Netflix API for filtering mechanism of TV shows and movies required our team to insert a number of checks and measures to make sure that the app interacted with the Netflix database and API in the right manner.



The app was developed with all planned features.

The project was delivered in 10 weeks to the customer
It’s a successful paid app on iTunes Store.