Client wanted to develop a revolutionary app for managing student info by teachers

The app is expected to have several features including:

Artifacts, that lets teachers easily select any note – text, photo,

video, or audio – and establish it as an artifact.

Formative Assessment Made Easy via ‘Traffic Light’ reports
Importing Common Core Standards

Multifaceted Gradebook that offer grades, process & comments



This is a fairly complex app with a lot of functionalities and over 30 screens
Most of the modules are tightly integrated and inter-dependent, requiring very close project coordination
The requirements changed continuously as the clients developed familiarity with the various functionalities.


iLEAD did a detailed project Analysis and planning on this project. Once the entire analysis report was presented and approach was agreed upon iLEAD started work in parallel streams. While the design team was busy creating a highly functional user interface, the development team worked on database, iPhone app front end.



The app has been successfully developed and launched in Apple Store. We are currently working on the next version of the App.
The clients were highly impressed by our partnership - oriented approach, and the quality of delivery.