Company Clips 2.0



The objective is to develop a new web portal to manage the scheduling and tracking of video content.
The requirements included a wireframe, logo design, complete content management system, Google analytics System.



The primary challenge with this project was to deliver the final product in limited time. The client required a web portal which had a simplistic interface, complete content management & Google analytics integration.



iLEAD started working on this and made parallel streams for development and design tasks. While the design team was busy creating a simple and elegant interface, the development team worked on database & web services for Movie fetch, streaming and search mechanisms.

The project also entailed doing a fair amount of research and experimentation in video formats and streaming.



The corporate website was developed and delivered within few weeks of inception, with an excellent set of functionalities.

We received appreciation for the fact that the client is no longer bound by the maximum DVD size, neither are they required to replace all content if any of it changes.