Crinis Power


The objective of the first module was to develop an android app which can conduct real-time analysis of solar irradiation and associated power generation from solar PV cells.
The objective of the second module was to provide potential investors an easy mechanism to view various solar projects, analyze their cash flows and returns, enable investment management and asset management.


Our team undertook Crinis as an end-to-end consulting and product development project, which required our Business Analysts to work hand-in-hand with tech development team to create the entire software system from scratch.
Solar energy is a technically-complex field which requires tremendous domain knowledge to understand how best to analyze solar requirements, identify appropriate configuration and build the right system.
It also requires deep financial expertise to write the algorithms for forecasting financial statements and cash flows.


Consulting team spent a month analyzing solar energy's technical specifications and wrote algorithms to translate engineering computations into product requirements.

Thereafter the technology team was deployed to working with the Business Analysts for both - web services and mobile application. The web team worked closely with the BAs to write code reflecting the algorithms embedded in spreadsheets.

Meanwhile the design team built the graphical interface, and all of it came together in one neat-package.

Testing of the application was carried out at multiple levels, from the QA team to the BA team to ensure that any bugs are resolved within iLEAD before the end-product is delivered.


The app has turned out be a big success with Crinis and its business network.

App response is fast, computations are accurate, and graphical interface with charts are visually attractive.

We are now working on the next release of the App with new functionalities.