The objective was to develop mobile app together with a social media website, involving event creating, sharing, tagging, posting, inviting friends etc.

Members should be able to gather friends online or through the phone directories, invite them, share pictures and videos of the event or pertaining to it.



The primary challenges of the project included:

- Image and video processing in an efficient manner without compromising on user experience
- Managing data intensive processes such that speed is not hampered



iLEAD did a detailed project planning on this project and started work in parallel streams. While the design team was busy creating a highly functional user interface, the development team began translating the detailed requirements documents into the final product.

The mobile app development and web development went hand in hand with Core PHP being used to connect the app to the website together with MySQL backend to store the data.

Detailed review and QA was done on this app.Regression tests were designed using automation scripts

The entire architecture was scaled to minimize network latency and enhance user experience.



The first prototype for potential investors and VCs was delivered ahead of time

The team is working on the next version for public launch.