DPS Automotive Group



The objective was to develop a web app which allowed to automate the documentation and record keeping process for the client.

The requirements included a wireframe, Dynamic dashboard, graphing engine integration, Google analytics integration, Complete content management system.



Every E-Commerce platform has its own flavour of requirements based on the business model.

The primary challenge in DPS was to customize the algorithm for inventory management at the back-end for transactions. We had to ensure not allowing zero inventory purchase. Even in case of a product being unavailable the interface allows the transaction to complete and the purchase is completed as soon as the inventory is updated.



iLEAD development team started working on this project soon after the object was clearly defined. As a process, design team started hashing out the designs and the development team started working on the core skeleton of the website. QA team was engaged during the design phase itself to help review designs and understand use cases.



The corporate website was developed and delivered within few weeks of inception.

The website allows the client to ease up the purchase / transaction process and hence deliver quality craftsmanship and professionalism.