"Before the beginning of the project, our solutions team took a decision to work on a customized CMS platform, rather than going after off-the-shelf products. Custom CMS platforms require more upfront work but are more flexible to customize and can be made light weight for performance and high user load.
A detailed document with business requirements was created
Design mockups were created and shared with customer and iLEAD team for review and discussions
Website logos were created for review
Finalized designs were converted into static pages and hosted for further review and feedback
Development team integrated the website logic with the front-end HTML pages
Front end features, like slider images, etc. were added towards the end
QA team performed cross-platform testing to ensure website quality was not compromised throughout the process"



The entire product platform has been launched in Beta mode today. It has received good feedback from the European gaming community. iLEAD team officially manages the version controlled development and production repositories of this app today, for our customer. While the customer team is busy engaging with gaming companies around and promotes their product.