Mobile Social Taging



The requirement was of an app which was a real time, automatic, geo-location based social networking and connection service,
The service plays into the concept of “every day life, more fun as a game.”
It had to be centered around a tag style game that users are automatically engaged in by having an app running in the background of their smart phone device.
Users would create their own unique accounts and user profiles, which should be synced to a smart phone application.



Development of this app took place in different phases due to the complexity of the app.
Design team delivered the designs first as a product of multiple rounds of brainstorming.
Modules were then divided amongst three different development teams who developed the same in parallel.



From the beginning this was determined to be a close collaborative project where both teams, iLEAD and Customer and to work together real-time.
iLEAD conducted a detailed analysis of requirements
Project deliverables were fenced with a formal Statement of work with the customer, before commencing the project
Outcome of analysis was a detailed project plan, aligned to delivery time
Nearly, 700 hours logged on active Skype session between iLEAD and customer
With a systematic approach development resources were injected into this project to get the maximum efficiency
At peak development cycles, there were 5 resources working on different modules in real-time with customer development team



The first version of the app was delivered within 12 weeks
The app has since evolved considerably adding new features and users