The objective is to develop an app which offers a unique opportunity to create a bottle of wine with own personalized label.
The requirements included a user friendly interface, banner & logo design, core data management and a payment gateway.



Salute is a unique concept that got the team excited, and the team took it as a challenge to develop an App that can support a unique business model.

Technology development required figuring out an efficient image processing framework. This included edit capability, add, move & delete images and also, enable sharing of images on the social network platform.



iLEAD started working on this project and made parallel streams for Design and Development after initial requirement gathering.

While the design team was working out the color palettes and fonts, database team started developing a database and the iOS team went to their shiny MAC’s and started putting the software skeleton in place.

We worked hand-in-hand with the customer to conceptualize the app, generate information flow, finalize designs, test the functionalities and and finally host the application.



The app is available on iTunes store and can be downloaded for free.
The app has led to increase in the customer database because of its user friendly interface and smooth image processing.