The Founders of ShortDate wanted to develop an E-Commerce platform for grocery stores and restaurants list good food for sale at or near cost.

ShortDate is a complex full-fledged E-Commerce solution that had to be architected to support thousands of retailers with millions of products and to process real-time transactions.
The application had to be built in two-tiers, with an entire management system for all the retailers, and thereafter mini online shops for each retailer.

Our approach for Short Date extended beyond the standard SDLC process as we worked closely with client to also define the requirements and design the functionalities of the application.

The team successfully built out the entire product including product design, and worked on architecture, graphic design, user-interface design, functional design, development and testing. 

Each module of the product was scheduled for design-development-testing in such a way that dedicated resources could work on the project cohesively.

ShortDate has turned out to be a top-grade E-Commerce portals built by our team from scratch without use of any standard CMS.
The website is a great initiative to bring restaurants, grocery stores & customers together for the mutual benefit of all!

We are also supporting the client in filing a patent for the concept, process and technology.