The objective is to develop an app which assists sideline officials and team managers at a rugby game by moving all paper based tasks into an electronic environment.
The requirements included a user friendly interface, and gaming algorithm based on rules of game.

The App is to be designed such that it can run for long hours even in background. It required robust error handling mechanism to support the functionalities.

Also, the business logic of addressing various game possibilities had to be worked out as the project progressed, and simultaneously be integrated in the code.



iLEAD helped their customer conceptualize the app, generate information flow, designs, develops QA’s and hosts application.

- Our business analysts conducted a detailed analysis of requirements

- Project deliverables were fenced with a formal Statement of work with the customer, before commencing the project

- Outcome of analysis was a detailed project plan, aligned to delivery time

- With a systematic approach development resources were injected into this project to get the maximum efficiency

- QA team started with the project right from the design phase. Automation scripts were used for regression testing during development phase

The entire application is complete and has been launched successfully.
The app has also enabled the client in automating the record-keeping process and facilitated review and management of players.