Content Management System

Organizations accumulate a lot of content which is scattered in a variety of places. Since availability of updated content to both internal and external customers is key, it needs to be organized to be published in a simple and manageable form. Such organization benefit from a Content Management System (CMS) that is capable of managing and publishing content with minimum technical skills. A CMS is designed to make websites and mobile apps run smoothly with less maintenance and faster process. Marketing departments have been early adopters and have successfully improved their performance by building a good-quality CMS.

What We Do
We are experts in building and deploying customized Content Management Systems. Depending on specific client requirements, our CMS team can use existing CMS platforms like Magento, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, ZenCart etc. and customize them, or can build a new CMS from scratch.

Our services include:

- Website design

- CMS installation and setup

- Customization of CMS and plugins

- Content uploading and management

- Image processing and management

- Integration of CMS with other sites and mobile apps

- Maintenance and support

Our Experience

We have build several products using different CMS technologies. Select examples include:

- An E-Commerce solution using Magento

- CMS based websites for Swan Finance, Crinis Power, Powerhouse Ed and many more

- Learning management system (LMS) using Moodle