Maintenance and Support

A common perception of maintenance is that it merely involves fixing defects but key software maintenance issues are both managerial and technical. Key management issues are: alignment with customer priorities, staffing, estimating costs etc.. Key technical issues are:mpact analysis, testing, maintainability measurement etc.

What we do

We provide extensive support for maintenance of applications.

Maintenance activities usually include the following:

1. Style files changes without changing structure

2. Update on any graphics

3. Update of any static text materials

4. Bug resolution

5. Support ticket management

6. Small coding changes and fixes

Our experience

Here are a few projects where we are supporting the client for maintenance work:

- Mines and Money

- Sideline

- Chronicle

- BookSearch


- Company Clips

- Fitvine Wine

- Shortdate

- YotMe

- Quickease

- Big-Data and Hadoop platforms

Apart from the projects that we have developed in-house, we also take maintenance contracts for external websites/apps/softwares.