The objective of the project is to build a mobile app for posting events for users, where:

1) Event can be posted and other user can like events.
2) User can interact with other person using this application.
3) Chat facility is also there in this application based on user permission (If user want to chat or not).



There were two primary challenges with the project:

1) It had some specific chat function requirements that required a fair amount of R&D, and also entailed setting up of our own chat server
2) The GPS tracking system had to be configured



As this is event and chat application so firstly we have created our own server and managed user chat through code.



The app allowed users to easily switch to other user's profile. In every screen there is option to view other user's photos and there recent status which we successfully implemented.

We have successfully implemented all the features as per the client request and submitted the application to the client and got a positive feedback.