Swan Finance



The objective is to develop an online business brochure website which echo their strengths.
The requirements included a user friendly interface, banner & logo design, Google Analytics Integration, configuration for blogs.



This was a relatively straight-forward project, where the primary challenge was to develop a good, clean theme that resonates with the nature of the client business.
Also, in the absence of available content, our team had to write a lot of content on its own to support client requirements.



iLEAD team did a fair amount of research looking at other similar companies and internalizing the website design style that would be most appropriate.

iLEAD's content writing team was engaged to write section descriptions and case studies for the client.
Rest of the solution was built on a CMS with some customization.



The corporate website was developed and delivered within few weeks of initiation.
The website has helped the client create a strong impression on its customers and prospects.